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        Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan

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Cullompton Garden Village Initiative workshop - March 2017

In January 2017, the government confirmed the success of expression of interest by Mid Devon District Council for a 'Culm garden village' on land East of Cullompton. In light of this announcement, Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan steering group recently invited  people,  representing a cross-section of  community and business interests and ages, to a workshop, the purpose of which was to ensure the 'garden village initiative' brings significant benefits to and increases the sustainability of the rest of Cullompton Parish’. The brief for the workshop was to ‘derive a set of community parameters which will guide the development of a policy or policies within Cullompton neighbourhood plan, to inform the master-planning of a ‘garden village suburb’ at East Cullompton. 

The workshop was well attended by over 50 people.  Each attendee was asked to complete a brief questionnaire before the start of the workshop.  The findings from this workshop were then analysed and from this, a summary report was produced.  You can find the report HERE
Neighbourhood planning is an exciting opportunity for Cullompton; we hope you will take part in shaping our future.

The draft plan has been prepared based on work performed by volunteers in working groups and the detailed working papers and all the necessary background information on the Plan is available in our Evidence base. 

You can learn more about Neighbourhood Planning - click Here
Consultation on the 1st Consultation Draft of Cullompton's Neighbourhood Plan has now ended.  An amended version of the plan will be published shortly. You can view current plan by clicking on the above picture.
Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan is supported by grants from Locality