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         Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan

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 1st Consultation Draft 

This draft Plan is the first opportunity for the Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to consult on the emerging policies and proposals of the Plan. The contents of this Draft Plan, derived from community surveys and consultations, are therefore presented to obtain the views of the local community and other organisations on the vision, objectives and policies that have evolved. 

The draft Plan is divided into sections. Each section can be accessed below:

Copies of the full Draft Plan are available HERE

The Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and Cullompton Town Council are still considering the implications of the new Mid Devon Local Plan and its strategic growth policies for the development on the east side of the motorway. We are considering whether this will require additional policies in the Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that the scale and rate of growth will be in the best long term interest of the parish and whether there is sufficient provision of leisure facilities and job creation development. Please remember that the Neighbourhood Plan is not able to reduce the number of homes allocated in the Local Plan, although we can add to the number.
Neighbourhood planning is an exciting opportunity for Cullompton; we hope you will take part in shaping our future.

The draft plan has been prepared based on work performed by volunteers in working groups and the detailed working papers and all the necessary background information on the Plan is available in our Evidence base. 

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