Family Solicitors Altrincham: Meet the Team

Our team at the Family Solicitors Altrincham is a diverse troop of experienced and competent professionals, each one committed to delivering sound advice, expert guidance, and proficient services that ensure our client’s best interests are met. This article introduces you to the key members family solicitors altrincham of our team, who with their vast knowledge and experienced backgrounds have set our firm on a pedestal in the domain of family law services.

At the helm of our team is our Senior Partner and founding member, Sarah Kendrick. Sarah brings to our firm an experience of over 20 years in the field of family law. An Accredited Specialist in complex financial remedies and private law children cases, Sarah’s impeccable organisational skills, compassionate nature, and tenacious spirit make her an exceptional leader for our firm. Sarah is renowned for her expert handling of high-net-worth divorces and separations, as well as negotiating prenuptial agreements. As a member of Resolution, her approach towards resolving family disputes remains constructive and non-confrontational.

Next in our team roster is the brilliant James Clark, our Head of Family Law. With over 15 years of expertise and a passion for advocating children’s rights, James has an impressive track record of successful cases concerning child custody, visitation disputes, and safeguarding issues. His sagacious and careful approach helps in achieving favourable outcomes in complex cases involving domestic violence and child protection.

Our other acclaimed team member and Senior Associate Solicitor is Jacqueline Mason. Jacqueline is a recognised member of the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme and specialises in cases of cohabitation, civil partnerships, and same-sex marriages, an area of family law that’s constantly evolving. Her meticulous case handling and empathetic approach provide a seamless experience to clients while dealing with sensitive family matters.

As our Practice Manager, Matthew Thompson ensures smooth functioning in every aspect of our firm. With a decade of experience in law firm management, Matthew plays a significant role in maintaining the high standards of our services, coordinating between various departments, as well as overseeing the training and development of our staff.

Our team also includes Eleanor Boyle, a rising star in family law. As an Associate Solicitor, Eleanor has shown substantial promise in the realms of financial remedies and separation agreements. Her adept understanding of law, sharp analytical skills, and the commitment to client welfare have made her an indispensable part of our team.

Finally, meet Chloe Graham, our Client Relationship Manager. Chloe’s expert skills in communication and coordination, backed by a deep understanding of client requirements, ensure that everyone who steps through our door feels valued, heard, and assisted properly. Chloe is the person who sets the tone for the high quality of respectful and supportive customer service that we proudly offer at Family Solicitors Altrincham.

Our team’s commitment, expertise, and shared values are reflected in the advice and services we provide. At Family Solicitors Altrincham, our primary focus is to alleviate the stress involved in family law matters and help you navigate them as smoothly as possible. Ensuring your welfare and protecting your rights remain our utmost goals as we strive towards just conclusions for every case we handle.

Our people, our team – Family Solicitors Altrincham – are ready to help you in every aspect of family law. Whether it’s divorce, child custody, domestic violence, guardianship, or any other family-related legal issues, we have the right professional waiting to guide you through.