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Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan

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What we have done so far:

The Neighbourhood Plan designated area

What comes next?

At the end of the consultation period, comments will be considered.  All policies in the plan have to be supported by evidence of community support.  Once any necessary modifications have been made, Cullompton Town Council will present the Neighbourhood Plan to Mid Devon District Council for comment, before the plan is reviewed by an independent examiner.

Assuming that the examiner recommends that the draft Neighbourhood Plan can proceed, then Mid Devon District Council will organise a referendum, where every registered voter within the Parish of Cullompton will be entitled to vote on whether or not to adopt the plan.  A simple majority of votes (over 50% of those voting) in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan is sufficient for it to succeed.  It then becomes legally binding on planners and developers to take its policies into account.