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Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan

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The Neighbourhood Planning Team

Chair  Gordon Guest – Cullompton Town Council 
Vice Chair:   Cathy Penharris - Cullompton Community Association
                       Michael Speirs - Culm Valley in Business
Secretary:   Jenny Penharris - Cullompton Community Association
Consultant:   Paul Weston
Committee Members:

Eileen Andrews - Cullompton Town Council

Roy Gould – Cullompton Town Team

Steve Hellier – Highways England

Martin Smith - Cullompton Town Council

Karl Busch - Cullompton Town Council

The Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is a working group of the Cullompton Town Council Planning Committee

The neighbourhood Planning Team are organising the plan, which is a community project. Your views count and the plan will only be adopted if you vote for it in the referendum which will be held on the draft plan.